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why participate?



Do your friends categorize you as “in the know” or a thought leader of the group?  If you enjoy learning about current events, discussing what’s happening in the world, and sharing your opinion, maybe you’re interested in an opportunity to really get your voice and ideas heard, while at the same time making some cash.


We offer the opportunity to share your opinion on a wide range of topics, inlcuding new products and services, advertising strategies, environmental affairs, and advocacy issues.  And you’ll get paid for doing so!  You can earn $75, $100 or even $250 per 2 hour session when you participate in one of our research sessions. But that’s not it. You can earn additional money by participating in focus groups online and by sharing your ideas via online surveys.


Every year, we have thousands of people share their opinions with us for our research studies. It’s easy to get started! And the better we get to know you, the more focus groups we can invite you to participate in. Join our respondent community today!



what to expect… 



Live Research Sessions

Our sessions are much more engaging than a typical focus group.  With a group of people with similar interests or backgrounds, we engage in a robust discussion about different issues, policies, industries, brands and products.  Whether we are talking politics or products, the moderators keep the sessions lively and we look for people comfortable communicating their opinions in this group setting.  


Online Research Projects

We want to let the world hear what you have to say.  When online research projects become available, you can participate at your convenience and in the comfort of your home or office.  Simply click on the link, see if you qualify, and complete the survey.  You’ll earn incentives, which you can cash out via PayPal once certain thresholds are met.  If you want to participate in focus groups but not online studies or vice versa, no problem. Just let us know what you prefer.



Your time is valuable and we’re cognizant of that with our incentives.  If you qualify for a focus group and complete the session, we always pay incentives in cash right upon completion.  There will be times when you’ll receive a Visa/Mastercard gift card for giving us your time and sharing your opinion.  These cards are the same as cash and can be used instantly at any merchant that accepts Visa or Mastercard.


With online studies, the incentive depends on the duration of the survey. Again, we highly value your time and make sure to provide an appropriate incentive for you to share your opinion.


In all circumstances, you’ll know before you participate what the incentive will be. That way, you can always decide whether or not you’d like to get involved.


We often use sweepstakes or random drawings to offer chances for people to win things for completing their profiles, trying to participate in our research (but aren’t qualifying), and staying involved with the group.



who we are



We are the only market research firm that truly specializes in language strategy. We help prevent communication gaps between you and decision makers across the globe.  Our philosophy is that it’s not what one says, that matters, it’s what people hear.  Oftentimes, what decision makers are saying doesn’t translate well to  what really matters to people across the US.  This is where m+p comes in.


When companies and organizations try to get messages and beliefs across, m+p reaches out to people like you to see if what they want to say matches with what you need to hear. Of all the things you can say, and all the ways you can say it, there is a right way. We find it.


Whether using our proprietary Instant Response dial sessions, interactive online feedback forums, or online surveys, we have revolutionized research and communication in America. From The New York Times and the Washington Post to “60 Minutes,” “Nightline” and PBS’s “Frontline,” we are recognized as the leader in message-based research.






Who Should I Join the Influencer Research Panel?

Anyone 18+ residing in the United States and enjoys sharing their opinions is welcome to join the community.  


How do I become a member of the Influencer Research Panel?

Please follow the link below to register with us:


What can I expect to receive for my time?

We certainly understand your time is valuable and try to be cognizant of that in our incentive structure. 

Focus Groups: If you qualify to participate for an in focus research study and complete the session, we always pay cash incentives upon completion of the group. For online studies, it really will depend on the duration of the survey as to what the incentive will be.   


In all circumstances you will know in advance what the incentive structure is prior to participating so you can decide whether or not you'd like to get involved.


We will utilize sweepstakes to offer chances for people to win things for completing profiles, trying to participate in research opportunities (but not qualifying) etc. and staying involved with the group.  However this is not the primary rewards structure of the community, simply an enhancement of it.


When do I receive my payment?

Cash or “cash-like’ incentives are paid upon completion of the focus group.  For online studies, your incentives are stored in your account and once a minimum thresh-hold of $12.50 if accrued you are able to request a transfer of the cash to your Paypal account.


I took a recent study but was told the survey was closed.  What can I do to improve my chances of participating?

First of all we encourage you to respond to our research opportunities as quickly as possible as participation is limited to the first people that qualify.  We try to limit the number of invitations based on the size of the focus group, but have no way of knowing how many people will respond, so there will inevitably always be situations where there are too many respondents.  We will have a wait list established for anyone that qualifies and will contact you if an opening arises. 


When are focus groups held?

Focus groups are most frequently held in the evenings during the week.  Timing of the sessions varies.  However dates, and times are provided in the invitation so you can check your schedule prior to trying to qualify.


I registered a while ago and have yet to get invited to participate in research - why?

Our clients are scattered across the US and there are often particular regions of the country that they wish to speak with based on the particular focus of the project.  Projects, subjects and clients change constantly.  As such, there may be few in-person focus group opportunities presented to you one month and none for several months.   Our online surveys are often less location specific, so we will try to offer you opportunities throughout the year in the online survey space to share your ideas.  The more information you provide about yourself, the more likely we will be able to direct studies appropriate to your profile and interests. 


What do you need to do to qualify for the monthly drawings?  Participation rewarded drawings are held as a thank you for people that have attempted to join us for a research opportunity but either terminated or quota filled.  


I took a recent survey/ screener but didn’t qualify - why not?  Why do I receive invites to studies that I don’t qualify for?  We utilize the information that you provided during registration to best direct opportunities to you that we believe you will qualify or have interest in.  However, there are always additional criteria which we may not know about you that may not be an appropriate fit for a given study.  We try to keep our screeners short to minimize the level of your involvement until we know you may qualify.  The best thing that you can do is to complete any and all profile screeners that we make available so we have the most complete data on file for you.  Example: If we are conducting a study about soda drinking habits and you refuse to drink soda, you may not be the appropriate person to gain insights from for this particular study.   Screening criteria varies from one study to another so just because you don’t qualify for one research experience doesn’t mean you won’t qualify for the next.


Why do I have to provide my telephone number?

There will be times, when your information needs to be confirmed via phone before a formal invitation to attend can be completed.   Telephone numbers are required in order be able to contact you to confirm last minute session details or reach out to you with location updates. 


How do I get help with technical or study related questions I have?

The best way to contact our team is by sending us an e-mail at