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The language of issue and political communications.

We see it all the time. A position or candidate outmaneuvered by an opponent more skilled at framing the debate.

our philosophy

In today’s hyper-politicized sound-bite environment, the side that communicates in language that resonates with people and expands support wins. The side that clings to arguments that may well express truth – but in ways that fail to connect – loses. Our job is to help develop the precise language strategy that helps you reframe the debate on your terms.

our approach

We understand how to identify the emotional triggers that define how people react to your issue or candidacy. It’s these emotional triggers that define winners and losers in campaigns and policy debates. And it’s these emotional triggers that our Instant Response methodology is uniquely designed to uncover. By creating and testing the most effective ways to frame the debate, we provide you with a pre-tested language strategy to shift opinion and drive support for – or opposition to – a given side.

our experience

From AARP, the Financial Services Roundtable and Amgen to political campaigns from California to the Czech Republic, we’ve helped industry associations, corporations and candidates reframe and win the debate.