by Scott Cesta


Kim Kardashian West, no stranger to media criticism, could teach even the best PR teams a thing or two about how to craft a genuine and effective public apology. Kardashian came under fire recently after announcing the name of her upcoming shapewear line: KIMONO Solutionwear. Widespread cries of cultural appropriation and claims that Kardashian was trying to trademark the word “kimono” led the social media star to issue the following apology:

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November 28, 2018

The world’s first data-driven messaging platform designed to help communicators create effective responses to emerging and ongoing crises in real-time.

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November 19, 2018

Developed by language and messaging firm maslansky + partners and based on 20 years of studying the effectiveness of different approaches to crisis response, Dynamic Response™ uses algorithms to match the appropriate messaging approach to the specific details of a company’s crisis or issue to ensure the content and tone of the response is pitch-perfect.


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January 18, 2017

Whether you want to remember, or forget 2016…it was a big year for gut-busting, eye-misting, cringe/applaud worthy language. Being in the business of uncovering precisely the right language means we see everything through that lens. Given the polarizing nature of the election, this year’s selections were a particular challenge (which is why this comes a bit late!). But regardless of where you stand politically, we’ve tried to capture the moments that had the greatest impact. We hope our annual Language Moments will help you bring closure for 2016 and lift you up for 2017! Enjoy!

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September 23, 2016



Michael Maslansky joins Charles Payne on Fox Business to discuss Colin Powell's leaked e-mails. 

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September 09, 2016

m+p CEO Michael Maslansky joins Mornings with Maria to discuss why American Airlines’ new ad campaign is upsetting potential customers. When starting a conversation about easing the flying experience, what messaging is most effective to quell traveler frustration? Already disgruntled travelers may not be receptive to an instructional tone, and at what point should a company reconsider their language strategy?

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On February 8, Chipotle closed all of its stores for a 

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The dials don’t lie.  Remember that time Fox News confronted Donald Trump with the negative reactions participants in a maslansky + partners session had to his language? Watch his priceless reaction. 


Stay tuned. We’ll continue to keep a pulse on the real folks who matter—the voters—throughout the election. 

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February 12, 2016

Love is in the air, dangerously cold weather warnings are wracking the east coast, and every restaurant is booked wall to wall for Sunday night—it must be that time of year again. No, we don’t mean Lincoln’s birthday. It's Valentine’s Day—perhaps the most binary holiday of the year. All the happily paired off couples traipse gleefully to their romantic dinners-for-two, while the rest of us hunker down indoors to weather the storm of sentimentality.


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February 08, 2016

“Nothing brings America together like…Bud Light.” Super Bowl 50 ads brought us some good laughs. And as we gear up for the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, we’d like to share our take on a few of the candidates’ latest political ads.


Voters are responding more positively to optimistic messaging – they’re tired of the doom and gloom – but well-executed, pointed, attack ads are resonating too. Check out our analysis and voter dial responses to the ads below.







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