September 04, 2014

We normally tell organizations to stay positive in all their messaging—after all, even if you make a compelling point about someone else’s faults, no one likes a mud-slinger.  


But Ikea’s recent Apple parody promoting their catalogue has me changing my tune. Or at least ready to make an exception to our “never knock the competition” rule.  

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June 12, 2014

Thank you, Mila Kunis, for reading my mind when Jimmy Kimmel said “we're pregnant.”


While sometimes being a stickler for precise language can do more harm than good, I can’t help but agree that in this case, accuracy is critical.


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September 20, 2013

In any line of work, but especially in ours, one word can make all the difference. This week we caught a rather serious ommission that completely confused the content of a news article. Katie Cronen walks us through the dangers of condensing messages with no thought for the language that is lost and the language that audiences need to hear. 

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August 26, 2013

When it comes to investments or donations, anything over a couple million dollars is impressive. But it’s often difficult for consumers to wrap their minds around the difference between $4m, $40m, and $400m.  In the below case, tying the economics of the NYC film industry to a tangible benefit that people care about–teacher salaries–is a smart move. For communicators, the amount itself is easily forgotten unless it’s contextualized to be easily understood.


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June 17, 2013

We love everything about this email that just came from jetBlue.


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December 12, 2012

While attempting to sort out a hotel reservation over the phone, I recently spent a fair amount of time on hold, that special brand of waiting room.  As the first robot operator I “spoke to” funneled me into a new holding pattern, somewhere amidst the din of soft rock that began playing I realized many companies could probably benefit from a little language strategy in this department.

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