December 19, 2017

The third and final installment in m+p's 2017 Holiday Series


The holidays are a time when family and friends come together. You see people you haven’t seen in months and share the highlights of what’s been going on in your life. But sometimes, what you see as a highlight in your life your relatives may see as a dark cloud.


When you have news you think someone may disagree with, be surprised by, or react negatively to, it can be tough to know how to approach the conversation. How can you reassure them and get them to see your point of view?


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December 18, 2017

The second installment in m+p's 2017 Holiday Series


It’s the holidays! What a wonderful time of year…until your uncle asks you about politics; or that little cousin asks when you’re getting married; or your grandma wants to know why you haven’t gotten that promotion yet.


I know what you’re thinking: let’s just avoid these conversations entirely, and Uncle Marvin’s particularly bad breath. But just as you’ll probably never win the one good White Elephant gift, many of these conversations are unavoidable. However, there are ways you can speed them along or soften them up. You can practice ways to pivot the conversation.


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December 12, 2017

The first of three parts in m+p's 2017 Holiday Series


Coming home for the holidays may mean you’re heading towards some tough conversations. Maybe you’ll have to talk about the spending limit this year for gifts, or Mom wants to know when you’re getting engaged and having her grandchildren, or someone reveals your decision to stop practicing a religion.


Ultimately, it’s not about winning or losing any of these conversations, it’s about keeping the peace. At maslansky + partners we know all about having productive discussions. We help our clients be better communicators every day!

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March 15, 2017



On March 8, millions around the world supported women’s issues through protests, demonstrations, and by donning the color red. International Women’s Day serves as a day to celebrate how far society has come and serves as a powerful reminder of all we have left to do to truly achieve equality for women around the globe.


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