December 12, 2017

The first of three parts in m+p's 2017 Holiday Series


Coming home for the holidays may mean you’re heading towards some tough conversations. Maybe you’ll have to talk about the spending limit this year for gifts, or Mom wants to know when you’re getting engaged and having her grandchildren, or someone reveals your decision to stop practicing a religion.


Ultimately, it’s not about winning or losing any of these conversations, it’s about keeping the peace. At maslansky + partners we know all about having productive discussions. We help our clients be better communicators every day!


To come out of a tough conversation with everyone feeling good, remember to do these three things: care, consider, calculate. Let’s put these to the test with a common holiday scenario.


A tough conversation: Your significant other wants to do Christmas with his family.


  • Show you care about his feelings by empathizing.
  • Anticipate his pushback and consider his point of view.
  • Avoid polarizing language and calculate your response.





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