September 04, 2017

Our interns are the best! Within weeks, they made contributions to client-facing work, got exposure to many different industries, and worked with CEO Michael Maslansky on a project that's helping shape the future of the business. They're back on their college campuses around the country, but took time out of their busy schedules to share what they took away from their #maslansky experience:


As you heard from the above, our interns handle a diverse range of duties, including developing client presentations, researching public policy issues, creating comprehensive industry audits, assisting with focus group preparation, execution and follow-up, and monitoring media coverage of current and potential clients.


Sound interesting? Good news! maslansky + partners offers part time opportunities during the school year and summer. Interns receive hourly pay and are required to work 2-5 days per week, but hours are flexible. Oh… and free lunch on Mondays! To apply, email (Please include your last name and the position in the subject line.)


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