September 26, 2017

News broke on Friday of yet another setback for tech giant Uber – this time, regulatory authorities in London declined to renew Uber’s license to operate in the city. (new York times article:


Today, Uber’s newly minted CEO Dara Khosrowshahi issued a statement in response. In the below graphic, we break down what elements of his statement can be improved using Dynamic Response, maslansky + partners’ proprietary tool for crisis communications. 



Some of the same issues arose in his internal memo (posted here today: While the tone is a little more friendly and self-reflective, he remains vague on exactly which issues they’re looking to address, and how they’re going to tangibly address them moving forward.


Crisis communications are emotional. In all, losing a license to operate in a large city like London could be a big hit for Uber as they’re facing difficulties worldwide. But the right language can go far in helping them get back on track…coupled of course with some clear action steps and positive outcomes.


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Wriitten by Director Alison Greenberg + Senior Langugage Strategist Sarah Hendry 

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