July 30, 2013

Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.

Kurt Vonnegut


Time and again in our work we run up against the same brick wall when it comes to communicating about the good a company does:


But, WHY are they doing this?


I know they’re a business, so there must be a money-making reason behind this they’re not telling us.


Surprisingly enough, the secret for overcoming these objections may come from the world of fiction.



Kurt Vonnegut, one of America’s great storytellers, has provided communicators with the best approach for overcoming this hurdle: provide your audience with the motivation for your actions—even if it isn’t a perfect one. Here’s an example of what we mean:



Your audience is often skeptical, and if they can’t see a WHY behind your actions, they’ll go seeking it themselves—and often assume the worst. Taking this approach will help you disarm some of the skepticism consumers bring as baggage to the conversation. By presenting your motivation, you’ll control the consumer perception of your actions.

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