The new “Hey Babe” addition to Lego’s hard-hatted sticker collection begs a number of questions that Lego clearly didn’t see the need to ask:


  • Is this sticker condoning street-side harassment?


  • Are we perpetuating male-laborer stereotypes?


  • Who is going to find this funny? (Is…anyone going to find this funny?)


  • Are we too good for vocative commas?


But the single biggest question that Lego seems to have forgotten stems from the very nature of their intended audience. No, not the mothers responsible for lassoing their children through the toy aisles of super stores. Not the bloggers looking for yet another reason to debate flawed gender norms. But the children who will use these Legos, build with these Legos, share these Legos with their Lego-playing friends. Children who repeat everything they hear.


How is this going to affect them?

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