Opening Day. For those who don’t follow the classic American pastime, this day will pass without much fanfare. But for the baseball fans among us, this is the day we wait for. Because Opening Day isn’t just the beginning of first pitches, warm night games, and beer and hotdogs at the park—Opening Day marks a sort of “hopes springs eternal” moment for the baseball community.


I’m going to stake my claim and say Opening Day is the most positive day in sports coverage. If there are stats backing this up, I haven’t seen them. But my rationale is pretty clear-cut: today, there are no clear losers, no broken dreams, no damning stats. And this unabashed optimism is plain to see in newspapers around the country.


Michael Powell, a cautiously optimistic Mets fan, lays out the possibility of a promising season for New York’s National team, peppering his piece with the still possible “ifs” that are on every fan’s mind. Our nation’s capital comes across a bit cockier stating “Are the Nationals a team of destiny? It’s time to start finding out” (tempting fate a bit, if you ask me). In Boston, there are high hopes that today marks not only the return of glory days for the Sox, but also the end of a brutal winter. Even an article on the Cubs’ future (who lost their opening game last night…pretty badly), reads “Optimism Rings at Wrigley, Despite Loss in Opener.”


For all of us baseball fans, Opening Day is the promise of a blank slate, the start of something new. The day when all hopes and dreams still stand intact. The day that Cubs, Mets, Red Sox, and Nats fans alike can say that this year, 2015, this is our year. The start of baseball is the start of a new season with all the energy and potential it brings.


A DC events email made the point best, saying: “Welcome back Spring, Nationals, Sun, Life….”


Welcome back, baseball. I’ve missed you.

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