November 19, 2018

Developed by language and messaging firm maslansky + partners and based on 20 years of studying the effectiveness of different approaches to crisis response, Dynamic Response™ uses algorithms to match the appropriate messaging approach to the specific details of a company’s crisis or issue to ensure the content and tone of the response is pitch-perfect.


New York, NY – November 19, 2018 – Leading communication strategy firm maslansky + partners today launched Version 2.0 of Dynamic Response™, a predictive data-driven messaging platform that compiles market research insights from 20 years of corporate crisis and issue responses to help communicators quickly and confidently formulate the appropriate messaging. The platform is accessible to professional communicators on a subscription basis.

In today’s no-lag news cycle, companies and industries have a matter of minutes to respond. And over and over again, companies get it wrong. That’s why maslansky + partners developed Dynamic Response™ -- to bring a systematic, data-driven process to crisis and issue response for corporations so that when they put a message out, it will have the intended impact.

“We’ve tested thousands of messages for hundreds of companies around the world on a wide range of crises and issues. We’ve seen which messages work, which do not, and why. And there are clear patterns that are predictive of how an audience will react based on the circumstances,” said Michael Maslansky, CEO of maslansky + partners. “Communication teams can learn from past successes and failures and increase the speed of response. That means they can reduce the risk of costly damage to a brand or company reputation that can result from saying the wrong thing or just taking too long to say anything.”

At the heart of Dynamic Response™ is an  algorithm that diagnoses what matters based on the specific facts of a situation, generates an issue-specific framework, and provides message starting points for communicators to finish and finesse. 

Version 2.0 of Dynamic Response includes the following expansions:

  • An expanded, continuously updated database of research-tested message starters and examples
  • A centralized, searchable response archive to make finding approved responses to similar challenges across brands and markets easier
  • Agency partner access
  • Integrated review and approval workflow that enables efficient and confidential feedback from communications, legal, and other stakeholders
  • Regular feature updates to improve functionality and usability over time

Joe Baumann, former leader of the Communication Innovation Research Center at P&G, and current Senior Vice President of R&D and Product Strategy at maslansky + partners, adds “Dynamic Response is built on a deep understanding of how to truly connect with consumers and other audiences. This data-driven approach doesn’t replace the role of communicators – but it helps them be more effective and efficient. And it helps companies develop stronger communications capabilities over time.”

Corporations have been drawn to the platform, which allows for cataloging existing and evolving corporate messages across an adaptive database that is accessible from locations around the world.


About maslansky + partners

maslansky + partners is a language strategy firm widely recognized as a leader in communication, research and messaging.  The firm’s approach is based on a simple idea: it’s not what you say, it’s what they hear®.  Using a research and data-driven approach, maslansky helps clients find the right language to simplify the complex, build credibility amidst controversy, stand out from the crowd, and always speak in the language of their audience.

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