October 15, 2013

Nice girls and guys don’t finish last. Mean ones do.


When asked to say one nice thing about each other at last week’s governor’s race debate, Senator Barbara Buono took a swing at Governor Chris Christie.  She cracked, “Well, he’s good on late-night TV; he’s not so good in New Jersey.”


Governor Christie responded in the best way he possibly could. Magnanimously. When given the chance to snap back, the often acidic tongue from New Jersey had nothing but heartfelt and sincere praise for his opponent:


“She’s obviously a good and caring mother and someone who cares deeply about public service in this state because she’s dedicated a lot of her life to it. And while we have policy disagreements, Kristine, I would never denigrate her service. And I think we need more people who care enough about our communities to be able to stand up and do the job that she’s done over the last 20 years.”

Unsurprisingly, the audience responded with roaring applause. It wasn’t so much what Christie said, as what the audience heard when he said it—strength, confidence, and generosity. And most of all, something that could touch them beyond political point-scoring.


Check out the video of Christie’s comeback below:


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