By current m+p intern Paige Arthur


In their April 2015 issue, Bon Appétit magazine featured a Food Lover’s Guide to Weddings that included restaurant recommendations for nuptial meals, supported by punchy statements that read, “The best way to make sure your caterer doesn’t serve bone-dry chicken: Don’t hire one,” and “Lose the caterer.”


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May 29, 2014

The recently opened National September 11 Memorial Museum has seen its fair share of controversy in just a few short weeks. Margaret Files takes a look at how they've communicated some of the necessary changes.

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February 24, 2014

We love it when companies know how to take ownership of an issue and apologize.


Fitness company Fitbit just did exactly that, issuing a voluntary recall of their Force fitness-tracker wristband after users reported rashes and blisters. Take a look at our breakdown of CEO James Park's thoughtful statement.

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January 16, 2014


This Monday “How I Met Your Mother” screened a controversial Kung-Fu themed episode. The episode featured such scenes as exaggerated accents, characters drinking tea, eating noodles, or practicing calligraphy. The show, the latest in their run of “Slapsgiving” gags, caused an angry response (helpfully cataloged under the hashtag #HowIMetYourRacism).


But we love how they handled it. Take a look at Shelley Whiddon's thoughts on how the creators of the show responded.

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January 15, 2014

On Monday Target launched a major PR effort to apologize to customers for a massive cyber-attack on its network over the holidays.  The retailer ran a full-page apology letter from CEO Gregg Steinhafel in some of the nation’s major newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today.  Steinhafel also granted his first full interview since the breach to CNBC.


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December 24, 2013

Michael joins Bill O'Reilly to discuss some of the controversial homophobic comments (and ensuing reactions) made by one of the stars from TV show Duck Dynasty.

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November 18, 2013

Recent comments made by Chip Wilson, Founder and Chairman of the high-end athletic apparel company, lululemon athletica, have sparked media attention—and not the good kind.


In a recent interview with Bloomberg TV, Chip Wilson faced complaints that lululemon’s expensive, high-quality pants were wearing prematurely by stating:


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Why are people and organizations so afraid to admit weakness?  


Today, credibility is among the most important of business and personal assets. Without it, we can’t persuade, engage or sell to our audiences. And credibility is anchored in our humanity – both as people and as organizations. To earn credibility you must be human. You must be flawed.

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