December 19, 2017

The third and final installment in m+p's 2017 Holiday Series


The holidays are a time when family and friends come together. You see people you haven’t seen in months and share the highlights of what’s been going on in your life. But sometimes, what you see as a highlight in your life your relatives may see as a dark cloud.


When you have news you think someone may disagree with, be surprised by, or react negatively to, it can be tough to know how to approach the conversation. How can you reassure them and get them to see your point of view?


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December 18, 2017

The second installment in m+p's 2017 Holiday Series


It’s the holidays! What a wonderful time of year…until your uncle asks you about politics; or that little cousin asks when you’re getting married; or your grandma wants to know why you haven’t gotten that promotion yet.


I know what you’re thinking: let’s just avoid these conversations entirely, and Uncle Marvin’s particularly bad breath. But just as you’ll probably never win the one good White Elephant gift, many of these conversations are unavoidable. However, there are ways you can speed them along or soften them up. You can practice ways to pivot the conversation.


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December 12, 2017

The first of three parts in m+p's 2017 Holiday Series


Coming home for the holidays may mean you’re heading towards some tough conversations. Maybe you’ll have to talk about the spending limit this year for gifts, or Mom wants to know when you’re getting engaged and having her grandchildren, or someone reveals your decision to stop practicing a religion.


Ultimately, it’s not about winning or losing any of these conversations, it’s about keeping the peace. At maslansky + partners we know all about having productive discussions. We help our clients be better communicators every day!

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January 31, 2017

Everyone wants to be an achiever. It’s better to be a work-in-progress.


It can be tempting for companies to try building brand equity by proving to their audiences that they’ve met goals, hit targets, done good…or have committed to do so in the future. Here’s what their audiences think:


You say...

  • We hit our goals
  • We increased our service reliability
  • We did...
  • We will…


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January 18, 2017

Whether you want to remember, or forget 2016…it was a big year for gut-busting, eye-misting, cringe/applaud worthy language. Being in the business of uncovering precisely the right language means we see everything through that lens. Given the polarizing nature of the election, this year’s selections were a particular challenge (which is why this comes a bit late!). But regardless of where you stand politically, we’ve tried to capture the moments that had the greatest impact. We hope our annual Language Moments will help you bring closure for 2016 and lift you up for 2017! Enjoy!

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February 12, 2016

Love is in the air, dangerously cold weather warnings are wracking the east coast, and every restaurant is booked wall to wall for Sunday night—it must be that time of year again. No, we don’t mean Lincoln’s birthday. It's Valentine’s Day—perhaps the most binary holiday of the year. All the happily paired off couples traipse gleefully to their romantic dinners-for-two, while the rest of us hunker down indoors to weather the storm of sentimentality.


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November 25, 2015







Minding Your Ps at the Thanksgiving Table


At maslansky + partners, we spend every day helping companies untangle complex challenges through the effective use of language.


Today, we’re preparing for our most intimidating communications challenge of the year: Thanksgiving dinner conversation with the extended family.


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November 13, 2015


Let’s face it, swearing is fun. There’s something gratifying and thrilling in breaking the rules of everyday communication. But of course, it comes with consequences. But they’re not always negative ones. 

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You're walking into the office after an off-site meeting. Do you say hello to your team as you walk in, or head straight to your desk to get to work?

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By m+p intern Nick Friedman

The objective of every sports franchise is to win. Yes, winning brings eternal glory, but more importantly winning brings fans. And more fans means more money. So what should a sports team do when they’re not winning? When winning seems a long way off?

They need to communicate. And they need to follow these simple rules:


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