July 29, 2014

Hillary needs to continue to focus on being authentic—and she knows it.  This is no easy task because she has spent her whole career trying to prove that she is tough enough to be a leader – and now she needs to show that she is human enough to be a relatable.  And for those of us working women out there – we are all too familiar with the challenge she faces.  Because of who she is – and because she carries some baggage – she is going to have to show us who she REALLY is.  Because so many view her as calculated and somewhat cold, she is going to have to sho

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July 28, 2014
On Obama’s Leadership.  Obama made his statement and now folks have had time to process it.  Without having watched it, people were VERY critical of Obama’s leadership before watching him. What was interesting is only about ¼ of the folks we talked to had watched any of his messages live. During the clips we played of him talking, they actually liked what they heard and followed it up with positive conversation too.
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July 24, 2014

From the violence in Gaza to the plane crash in the Ukraine we have seen some sad, sad times this past week.  But what is worse, as Americans we can’t come together even in these times of tragedy.  We are a country divided—and this week has certainly proven it to us.  American’s can’t agree on what our course of action should be – and they sure can’t agree on what they want to see from our leaders.  And, my guess is all of you can relate.  Because if you have family or close friends who lean a different direction politically, you can be sure that is almost impossible to have a civilized con

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By Zach Hecht


Could using negative language help a competitor’s bottom line?


In our research we repeatedly see that consumers cringe when companies use language that is disparaging to competitors. We also know that voters are increasingly frustrated by the negative language being employed in today’s political arena.


However, despite the evidence, many businesses and politicians continue to use negative language and messaging.


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When the President stood in the Rose Garden today to make a statement about Ukraine, one could presume that he had something to say.  That as Leader of the Free World, he would only take the time to speak to the public with a determined message that the world needed to hear.


In preparing for his statement, he and his speechwriters made conscious choices.  Did they want to sound strong or weak?  Definitive or vague?  Active or passive? 


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July 15, 2014

Lee Carter appears on Fox and Friends, responding to Clinton’s now infamous comment that her family was once “dead broke.” Her comments dismantled the connections American women draw to her as a wife and mother with real challenges.  And since connections lead to trust, and trust leads to votes, she won’t win the 2016 presidential race if these ties are broken. Pantene’s “Labels Against Women” ad shows how issue-focused, disruptive, and relatable messages are better able to foster these connections.

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July 11, 2014


If “The Decision” was LeBron James’ version of “This is How You Lose Her,” then this is how he (begins) to get her back.

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July 01, 2014

After talking with voters this week – both Republicans and Democrats -- we found:


  • Boehner's lawsuit against Obama could ruin the GOPs chances of getting their candidate elected in 2016. What he is doing is a symbol of all that is wrong with DC - and worse, all that is wrong with the Republican Party. 




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June 25, 2014

Lee Carter appears on Fox News's Real Story with Gretchen Carlson along with Karena Wu and Katie Kieffer to discuss Bill Clinton defending Hilary's comments on her family's finances.

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June 09, 2014

Last week, a clever little real estate agency in Seattle called Redfin did something cool with really big numbers.


Under the headline, “Which billionaire could buy your city?,” Real Estate Data Analyst Tommy Unger calculated how many houses select billionaires could buy in cities like Boston, Seattle, and Napa, CA. 


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